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Harvey Finkel


IN KEEPING with the theme of last month’s column about the Médoc’s Cru Bourgeois, here is a look at another group of affordable Bordeaux wines – the Côtes de Bordeaux. These châteaux produce wines with unmistakable Bordeaux character. In fact, sometimes they might be preferred to their more celebrated, and...
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Cru Bourgeois

THE THOUSANDS of wines of Bordeaux, particularly the reds, need no introduction and little explanation. In recent years, however, we need abundant disposable assets to acquire any of the five dozen Grands Crus Classés at the apex of the hierarchical pyramid, and then would need to wait many years for...
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AS WE SLURP through life, we are curious about unfamiliar wines.  Made from novel grape varietals grown in faraway places with strange-sounding names, handled by methods unconventional to us, they may offer flavor profiles that expand our horizons and stories that excite our imaginations.  Sometimes we find bargains.  So, when...
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I’D LIKE TO SHARE with you today my impressions of four new wine books with gravitas, books that can be read, one in small portions at a time, and that you will want to keep for repeated dipping into. Two are expensive, but worth their investments. WINES OF FRANCE A...
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Setting The Record Straight

SO MUCH of what’s written about alcohol’s effects upon health is misleading. taking clues from three recent publications drawing applause for their good sense, I shall try to set the record straight. The misinformation mostly warns of the consequences dire of consuming even drops of alcohol. The media seek sensation...
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WINES OF THE SAND Sardinia is geographically remote and remote from our quotidian vinous ruminations.  Even most Italians consider the Mediterranean’s second largest island as another country, and Sardinians often refer to mainland Italy as the “contenente”.  The informing grape variety of today’s wines – Carignano – is likewise remote...
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Wine is geography . . . no more so than in Chile, that long, narrow country squeezed into South America between the towering Andes Mountains and the cool Pacific Ocean. In the long, warm Central Valley and the Coastal Range, both largely dry, mineral-rich and nutrient-poor, lie Chile’s developing wine...
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MACDUFF What three things does drink provoke? PORTER Marry, sir, nose-painting, sleep, and urine. Lechery, sir, it provokes and unprovokes: it provokes the desire, but it takes away the performance; therefore much drink may be said to be an equivocator with Lechery: it makes him, and it mars him; it...
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COLMAR Having examined the basics of vinous Alsace in the March 2O13 issue, I sought a brief update immersed in the food and wine of the region in June, thoroughly enjoying my research. I’d like to share my impressions, including visits to three wine producers. My focus was sharpened and...
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