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November 5, 2015

The Smoking Bishop

IF THERE was ever a time to congregate around a celebratory bowl of alcohol it’s now, with the holidays and their endless pageant of festive occasions upon us. We’ve extolled the virtues of punch in this column before: there is no better way to enjoy your own party while tending...
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AS WE SLURP through life, we are curious about unfamiliar wines.  Made from novel grape varietals grown in faraway places with strange-sounding names, handled by methods unconventional to us, they may offer flavor profiles that expand our horizons and stories that excite our imaginations.  Sometimes we find bargains.  So, when...
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IN A WORLD so dominated by IPA, it is refreshing to see an old, much maligned classic make a serious comeback. From the very beginning of the craft beer movement, the pilsener style seemed destined to become a laughingstock, an also-ran in beer history. Seen as the antithesis of everything...
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