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Harvey Finkel

It’s A Dog’s Life

New Zealand has it backwards (or is it upside down?), and I’m glad. Grapes are harvested six months early there, in the New Zealand fall, our spring, enabling us to already sample some of the superb 2OO6 vintage. We were recently favored by a visit from the two principals of...
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Harvey’s Cote D’or Diary

Among the loveliest of wines, Burgundy can be understood and purchased wisely only by close contact and tasting. There is no better way – no more foolproof way – of accomplishing this than by visiting the source, all the more important now that fine Burgundies have become luxuries. So I...
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Santa Rita Revisited

The collective consciousness of connoisseurs took cognizance of Chilean wines only a few years ago, attention captured by emerging quality and, in the face of exponential increases elsewhere in the world, reasonable prices. Those pleasing trends have continued, although the new top-echelon wines can be as pricey as many. Wine...
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