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Can A-B Rally The Troops?

ANDY CROUCH To start, why don’t you tell us a little about how the Here’s To Beer campaign got started. TOM SHIPLEY That would go back to the end of the summer in 2OO5. All of 2OO5 and at the end of 2OO4, there were lots of negative stories in...
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A License to Bounce

Anyone holding a license to serve alcohol in Massachusetts may soon face tougher and more costly regulatory requirements. A home rule petition now pending in the state legislature would require all licensees to run criminal background checks on all employees involved with admitting patrons. This includes door staff and anyone...
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Profile: Kim Stare Wallace

KIM STARE WALLACE Vice-President & Director of Marketing • Dry Creek Vineyards, Sonoma, CA Thirty five years seems a long time to own a California vineyard. Kim Stare was just 8 when her family packed everything into a station wagon and headed from Wellesley, Massachusetts to Davis, California. Dad was...
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Serious About Cellaring

So you’ve finally decided to get serious about collecting wine. The idea of having a cellar is certainly an enticing one – especially to your significant other who wants the cases of wine stacked all over the place put away somewhere. Like any real estate agent will tell you: location,...
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Profile: Bob McGinn

BOB McGINN • 58 • New York and New England Sales Manager • Ferrari-Carano Winery, Napa Loyalty, familiarity, experienced, known quantity . . . 2O years with one team like Carl Yastrzemski. Solid citizen, loyal soldier. McGinn has been professionally linked, one on one, with the prestigious Ferrari-Carano label, being...
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It has sprinted from total obscurity to underground popularity to mass wine community hysteria to virtually zero visibility anywhere, a complete round trip that’s taken less than a decade. Overzealous producers intent on rushing to market ahead of the curve with wine’s ‘Next Hot Thing’ killed it before many Americans...
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What Is Everyone Drinking This Year

AMERICAN MICROBREWS In evolutionary terms, the time wasn’t long ago when the American beer industry was ruled by titans. American craft beer was perhaps considered quaint by some, a novelty by others. But now craft is king. “American craftsmanship is certainly the wave of popularity right now,” says Alan O’Campbell,...
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Atlantis Found

While Santorini is well-known for its spectacular panoramas, its wine industry remains relatively undiscovered. Vines dot the slopes and plains that skirt down from the crater. The soil is a powdery gray volcanic ash peppered with chunks of pumice stone and black lava. The strong winds which are typical to...
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When The Grape Is An Olive

Wine, olive oil, cheese – these delightful products are all the same answer to the same dilemma of abundance: now that I’ve had the good fortune to harvest a few tons of fresh grapes and olives or 1OOO gallons of cow’s milk, what exactly am I going to do with...
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