The indispensable tool for the Massachusetts adult beverage trade.

Becky Sue Epstein

The Wines of Bin 26

Babak and his sister Azita Bina-Seibel are equal partners in the restaurants and wines; she is the executive chef for both places. She was actually in the kitchen at Bin 26 when I had lunch that day: a gently autocratic presence with long, straight salt and pepper hair, and a...
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Infusions Are Hot!

A few years ago, large, clear infusion jars started appearing on every self-respecting restaurant bar, filled with bright-colored fruits. Fruits that gradually faded over time – maybe that’s why they disappeared from view. Coffee, chocolate and other flavors seemed to take their place in cocktails. But in this new era...
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Plymouth’s Sean Harrison

Gin and the Man Who Makes It Sean Harrison Master Distiller of Plymouth Gin During his six and a half years in the Royal Navy, Plymouth Gin Master Distiller Sean Harrison spent his time “piloting ships around” – and rarely consumed any gin. He didn’t give a thought to the...
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