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Whiskey Chronicles

Whiskey. It’s widely celebrated, commands great respect and continues to be a wildly popular spirit. For this article I look to one place by land and, if you will, two if by sea – Canada, Ireland and Scotland. With glasses raised the questions are: What’s hot, what’s changing, where is...
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Bottled Water

We all know that when you’re at the supermarket and convenience store your options runneth over with about a zillion choices of water. Perrier paved the way years ago and then Evian followed suit and now there’s no end to the selections. There’s water with bubbles, water with vitamins, flavored...
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Liking Fruit Wines

Generally, they tend to be pigeonholed into one of two categories: country fair craft wines or commercial Boone’s Farm-esque flavored wines, neither of which is very esteemed. These particular flavor profiles, however, do not apply to all fruit wines. With popularity at an all time high, skilled winemakers throughout the...
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