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Counting down the days until a new decade begins has us thinking about how far the cocktail has come in the 21st century. A great, balanced libation made with fresh ingredients can be found on menus from world class fine dining restaurants to your local neighborhood pub. Once nearly forgotten spirits have been reborn, and classic cocktails are widely understood. There’s never been a better time to raise a glass!

As you toast the New Year, we recommend raising a glass of Italy’s most famous and popular drink, the Aperol Spritz. It’s a vintage recipe that has soared in popularity in the past two decades. Aperol is a bitter Italian aperitif that was created in 1919, and popularized as a “drink for women and sportive people”. The Spritz is a drink created in Northern Italy in the early 18OOs, when Austria-Hungary controlled the Veneto region, and splashed a “spritz” of water into the local wine. In the 195Os, the Aperol Spritz became an important ingredient in the brands ad campaigns.

The drink became a worldwide sensation after the Campari Gruppo acquired the brand in 2OO3. Today, you can find Aperol Spritz on menus all over Italy and beyond, and it’s simple 3-2-1 formula makes it a super simple tipple to create.

3 parts Prosecco
2 parts Aperol
1 parts soda water

COMBINE Prosecco and Aperol in an ice-filled wine glass or rocks glass and TOP with soda water. GARNISH with an orange slice.

Happy Holidays!