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Sandy Block

Holy Beverage!

As any even casual reader of the Bible or student of ancient history knows, wine has been produced and consumed in the Land of Israel for thousands of years. It has also been exported for many centuries, constituting a favored drink among the Roman legions and among the pharaoh’s court...
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Red Flavored and Moderately Priced!

Malbec is a fine grape that is gradually attaining widespread popularity even though it’s never particularly been hyped. The Argentine’s are doing wonders with it and forging a new category based on three of the hottest trends in wine: it’s red, flavorful and moderately priced. You know, the kind of...
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Loire’s Sauvignon Blancs

Of course, the French drive us a bit insane with how inconsistent their wines remain despite the supposed guarantees of the AOC system, and Loire Sauvignon is no exception. But when a Sancerre or Pouilly-Fume hits its target there is something so clean and penetrating about its flavors that whatever...
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Time to Crown California Royalty

Buying wine in the United States used to be a big deal, something almost ceremonial and definitely out of the ordinary. One of the major reasons that consumption’s reached a new height of popularity in the past decade is that we’ve finally overcome the idea of wine as a “special...
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It has sprinted from total obscurity to underground popularity to mass wine community hysteria to virtually zero visibility anywhere, a complete round trip that’s taken less than a decade. Overzealous producers intent on rushing to market ahead of the curve with wine’s ‘Next Hot Thing’ killed it before many Americans...
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Sideways, Down-Under, Or Is It Kiwi-Land?

Conceivably, but there’s hardly enough to go around. This, however, shouldn’t prove a major deterrent to the true Pinot devotee. Anywhere in the world that it grows the finest examples of this now ultra-trendy wine are produced in limited quantities. Longtime fans have come to accept the concept of rarity...
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South American Wines Just Keep Getting Better

Resistance to the more premium, limited production wines of each country has begun to crack as the market moves upscale. The only problem is that both Chile and Argentina have established their reputations primarily as deep value players in a world where consumers now show increasing willingness to pay up...
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