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Jonathon Alsop

Spain’s Navarra Region

“This wine is too good for toast-drinking my don’t want to mix emotions upwith a wine like lose the taste.”  –Ernest Hemingway The Spanish region of Navarra was introduced to us Americans by icon Ernest Hemingway in his novel The Sun Also Rises but we did not know...
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Portugal Goes Beyond Port

Portugal’s physical position on the planet has turned it into literally a nation of exportation that constantly has to look outside itself for success. What you see on the map is a narrow strip of a nation seemingly pushed west hard up against the ocean, a nation of many good...
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It’s as easy as ABC…You don’t have to be an economist to predict that the holiday season of 2OO8 is going to go down in history as a period of aerobic bargain hunting.  But as we approach New Year’s Eve wine lovers have a choice to make: buy up-market bubbly...
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Chelminski and His Book

In his new book, I’ll Drink to That: Beaujolais and the French Peasant Who Made It the World’s Most Popular Wine, author Rudolph Chelminski charts the rise and fall and inevitable rise again (if he has anything to do with it) of the Beaujolais empire. The French peasant his too-long...
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Riesling Revisisted

As I was packing to leave on a summer tour of the vineyards and wineries of the Rhine in Germany, I struggled with the weighty issues we all struggle with. Am I bringing too many clothes? What kind of shoes? Sandals? No, not sandals, not to efficient, practical Germany; pack...
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Expo Conquered

Especially when the New England winter punishes our world with snow, wind and piercing cold, it makes me wonder what those Pilgrims were thinking. Surely there was someone on board the Mayflower shouting, “Left! Turn left!” but to no avail. For 15 years now, the happiest sight of winter has...
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When The Grape Is An Olive

Wine, olive oil, cheese – these delightful products are all the same answer to the same dilemma of abundance: now that I’ve had the good fortune to harvest a few tons of fresh grapes and olives or 1OOO gallons of cow’s milk, what exactly am I going to do with...
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Try A Little Cachaca

The caipirinha actually represents the second wave of zippy, fruity, sexy drinks like the mojito. There are a hundred variations – lemon caipirinha, grapefruit, blood orange, pomelo, any fruit that will give you juice and zesty oil from the skin – since it uses the same classic South American technique...
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