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Baystate Wine & Spirits is moving to a new location in February. Established in 2005, the wholesaler represents suppliers in the wine, spirits and beer markets and has been headquartered in Avon, Massachusetts for the past 10 years. The high rate of growth of existing and new suppliers allows for them to further invest in their people and processes by moving to a newer and large home office in West Bridgewater, two exits south of their Avon location on Route 24.

In their new location, employees will benefit from a more technologically-advanced and aesthetically-pleasing work space. In addition, suppliers will have improved meeting space with sales representatives and management, and warehouse personnel will operate a state-of-the-art facility that is highly automated with improved efficiency. The overall objective is to continue to invest in people and infrastructure to more rapidly implement the growth plans of their valued suppliers. Baystate expects to be in their new location on or about February 1st.

The new location is:

P.O. Box 310
321 Manley Street
West Bridgewater, MA 02379