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Call For Entries – Rapscallion Bartender Competition

Rapscallion Table & Tap, in partnership with sponsor Phillips Distilling Co., will host the first-ever Rapscallion Bartender Competition on January 14, 2020, featuring Prairie Organic Vodka and Gin.

Bartenders can enter for a chance to win the title of Rapscallion Bartender of the Year and have your winning cocktail featured on the 2020 Rapscallion cocktail menu, a cash prize, recognition on social media, and of course, major bragging rights.

In partnership with the competition’s sponsor, Phillips Distillery, Co. and Prairie Organic Vodka, we invite you to impress the judges with your talent and experience, showcasing what it takes to be the Bartender of the Year.

Event Details:

  • The event takes place at Rapscallion Table & Tap in Acton, MA on January 14, 2020, at 6 pm. You will have the opportunity to arrive early to prepare.
  • Phillips will provide each competitor with a 375ml bottle of Prairie Organic Vodka, Cucumber Vodka and Gin, upon registration. You will then choose which of the
    three spirits you wish to use as the focus of the cocktail you compete with.
  • Rapscallion will provide necessary ingredients and glassware for each cocktail recipe, including, garnishes and juices.
  • Cocktails will need to be prepared in front of the judges in order to qualify. During your opportunity to compete in front of judges, make sure to explain exactly how you
    made your cocktail, and its name.
  • Cocktails will be judged based on the name of the cocktail, taste, presentation, and creativity by four judges, including Mike Duggan, CEO of Phillips.
  • Food and drinks will be provided to each competitor.
  • Invite family & friends for support and encouragement. Admission will be $50 at the door and will include food, drinks from the competition, Rapscallion beer, wine, and specialty cocktails from Phillips.

Ready to enter? CLICK HERE to download the Rapscallion Bartender Competition entry form. Please fill out the form and submit via email to or deliver in person to your Rapscallion contact by no later than Friday, December 20, 2019.