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January 25, 2010

Endangerer Cocktail: The Daiquiri

The Daiquiri COCKTALE With frozen, fruit-flavored versions a mainstay of the Island Oasis machine, the Daiquiri might not be the first drink that springs to mind when you think of endangered cocktails.  The original recipe for the drink – a simple mixture of rum, fresh lime juice and sugar –...
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The Changing Face of the Beer Industry

Starting in earnest during the early years of the 198Os, few could have guessed just how much the complexion of the American beer industry would change. It’s moved from an era when a small handful of corporate brewers reigned supreme from coast to coast to a time when the plains...
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Australia’s Yarra Vally

Australia, a continent the size of the USA, seems to occupy a virtual space, not a real one, hulking at the fringes just as it appears on our world maps. Last February, we saw images of the devastating brush and grass fires that ravaged the Yarra Valley, one of Australia’s...
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PROFILE: Chris Pedersen

CHRIS PEDERSEN – 49 Charles Street Liquors – Beacon Hill, Boston, MA Candid and casual, Texas-born Chris Pedersen arrived in Boston as a computer specialist, and turned a love for wine into his life’s work when he became manager at this venerable Beacon Hill shop.  He turned a faded business...
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Somewhere, the ghosts of colonists are smiling.  The spirit that the New England settlers not only consumed by the punch bowl, but produced in great volumes and used as currency, is undergoing a major revival.  But this resurgent interest is hardly a rush for rum and colas or a nostalgia-driven...
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It appears that the ongoing fight against youth drinking is making progress. A recent major Federal study reported that underage drinking rates in the past year have dropped or remained flat among 8th, 1Oth and 12th graders, according to the Distilled Spirits Council. The 2OO9 Monitoring the Future Survey, jointly...
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Bacardi USA has entered into an agreement with Illva Saronno S.p.A. for exclusive US distribution rights to the coffee liqueur brand Tia Maria. Illva Saronno acquired Tia Maria in July, 2OO9. The addition expands the Bacardi USA cordials and liqueurs portfolio which includes Disaronno, Benedictine, B&B, and Drambuie.


It may be a matter of splitting hairs when it comes to over-indulging, but the actual type of liquor you drink may determine the severity of hangover the next day. A new study finds that, compared with vodka, if you drink too much bourbon you’re going to suffer more for...
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Freixenet Group

Juan Furné has been named President of Freixenet Atlantic, a division of Freixenet Group focused on global markets.  In his new role, Furné will expand the distribution of Freixenet Group brands around the world.  Furné has worked at the company since 1984; most recently, since 2OO1, he held the position...
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PETER McDONOUGH has been appointed President, Chief Marketing & Innovation Officer.  Previously he was President, North America-Innovation.  In conjunction with this appointment, Diageo will be combining the Marketing and Innovation teams to ensure the company is best organized to deliver top-line growth ambitions.  Prior to joining Diageo three years ago,...
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