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Dead or Just Missing

With the recent demise of Wine X magazine coming as little surprise to most people in the industry, it raises a question or two about the market they were supposedly catering to. The twenty-one to mid-twenties age group is an often-ignored segment of our market. The scarborough wine market report’s...
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Who Likes Hot Beer?

The jury’s still out on which category malternatives fit into. Just when you think they’re yesterday’s news a new flavor comes out, or a new package, or a new positioning, and suddenly malternatives are hot again. That’s the nature of “hot”. It’s that fast-moving part of the market, whether it’s...
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Ponti’s First Pint of Guinness

Since I had already waited so long to finally try my first taste of Guinness, I figured why not wait just a little bit longer and go straight to the source. Next stop: Dublin, Ireland’s Guinness Storehouse, located on the expansive 64-acre grounds of the St. James’s Gate Brewery. It...
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A Couple of Cape Codders

BILL and DENISE ATWOOD • 54/51 • Chef/Owners • The Red Pheasant, Dennis, MA Patti Page sang about it in 1957 – “If you’re fond of sand dunes and salty air, quaint little villages here and there.” How many of us today remember Old Cape Cod? Bill and Denise Atwood...
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Always Hungary For Dessert Wine. Tokaj Rules!

This April, I traveled east across the vast Great Hungarian Plain to visit this corner of the world little known to Americans. Near my destination, the Zemplen hills rose to the north of the train and vineyards appeared in their foothills opening their skirts to the Great Hungarian Plain. The...
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The Oriel Line

For winemakers, sourcing grapes from outside a vineyard estate is nothing new. Yellow Tail does it. So do Louis Jadot and Verget. But creating a line of limited-production wines from all over the world, crafted by a diverse group of renowned wine-makers, bottled at the source and then distributed under...
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Geek Heaven

Riding an impressive and seemingly unbreakable wave of industry growth, the Brewers Association recently celebrated the twenty-fifth anniversary of its signature event, the Great American Beer Festival (GABF), in Denver, Colorado. With expanded floor space and increased offerings, the festival broke its old records and new ground in the promotion...
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Cognac & Brandy

As a combined category, brandy and Cognac has doubled in sales from ten years ago. While it might be climbing the ladder slowly, it’s climbing nonetheless. In 2OO5, total volume increased .7% to 1O.2 million 9-liter cases. A breakdown of the statistics shows that most of the growth is in...
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Mix Masters

WHAT’S IN A NAME? Drink invention is, without a doubt, a major component of mixology. Today’s mixologists experiment with infused liquors, fruit nectars, aromatics, and flamboyant garnishes, creating unusual signature cocktails which may take inspiration anywhere from a Snickers bar to Thai curry. Some professionals worry, however, that the word...
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