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It’s Valentine’s Day and l’amour is on the agenda this month, meaning all eyes will turn to Champagne and of course, to Champagne cocktails. This year, add the Barbotage to the menu for a little French fizzy fun.

“Barbotage” translates from French to mean “splashing” (which is far cuter than the English term, which describes a type of medical procedure.) There are two recipes for the Barbotage floating around the internet, one of which is a juicy, blushy concoction made with lemon and orange juices, grenadine, and topped with bubbly. The other is more boozy and serious, made with Cognac, Grand Marnier and Champagne, and appears to have mid-century roots.

The Barbotage is famously mentioned in the classic film Gigi in which the rich, debonair leading man Gaston orders Gigi a Barbotage while out at the Palais de Glace skating rink. Based on a novella by Collette, there is a French version of the film that came out in 1949 and an American musical version directed by Veincente Minelli. The latter swept the 31st Academy Awards winning all nine of its nominations in 1959. Whichever version you wish to indulge, the story is a rom-com for the ages.


1/2 ounce of Cognac
1 TEASPOON Grand Marnier
4 ounceS of Brut Champagne

POUR Cognac and Grand Marnier into a flute.
TOP with very cold Brut Champagne.
GARNISH with a lemon twist.