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Clown Shoes Beer is releasing its mix pack of 12 different beers in a range of styles and ABVs for the holidays. This year’s selection includes Royal Standard Wee Heavy Ale 8%; Advent Party Crasher Imperial Stout 8%; The Barista Breakfast Brown Ale 8.5%; One Man Holiday Belgian Quadrupel Ale 8%; Clementine White Ale 5%; Reindeer Games Bavarian IPA 7%; Space Cake Double IPA 9%; The Exorcist Dry-hopped Stout 8%; Mango Farm Mango IPA 5.75%; Lil’ Crispy Crisp Ale 4.8%; Galacticake Double IPA 9%; Space Cupcake IPA 6%. Suggested retail for the mix-pack of 12-ounce cans is $26. AVAILABLE FROM XX.