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The Irish distiller has released three new whiskeys: a Pot Still, a 17-year-old Single Malt and a 25-year-old Single Malt. The Pot Still is aged in Bourbon casks and finished in virgin Irish oak casks that Glendalough sustainably harvested from the mountains surrounding their distillery. Suggested retail is $54.99. The 17 year old Single Malt is aged in ex Bourbon casks for fifteen years and rare, virgin Mizunara oak for two years. The smoothness from the initial aging carries through the depth and intensity of the wood spices, incense and earthiness while the sweetness of the bourbon cask creates harmony with these drier, woodier notes. Suggested retail is $299. The 25 year old Single Malt is aged in an American oak Bourbon cask for 15 years, and Spanish oak Oloroso casks for 1O years, and finished in rare, virgin Irish oak casks. It is the first ever Irish single malt to be aged in Irish oak casks. The rich sweetness of the heavily charred American oak Bourbon cask is followed by flavors of toasted Spanish oak, Oloroso casks finishing with the virgin Irish oak spices. Suggested retail is $499. AVAILABLE FROM Atlantic Beverage.