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These two brews are now available. An unfiltered white ale with a signature blend of 10 spices, Cold Snap has a new and enhanced recipe. To lighten the body, brewers modified the ratio of the spices: orange zest, vanilla, lemon zest, coriander, rose hips, hibiscus, powdered plum, grains of paradise, anise and tamarind. Aromas of zesty orange and sweet vanilla with a balance of fruit, floral and spice and a hint of black pepper on the palate. Mountain Berry is an all-new limited release. Aged on raspberries and blackberries grown in the Pacific Northwest, the light ale has bright berry notes and a subtle sweetness from the malt blend’s soft cereal and cracker notes. Botanical element of hibiscus rounds out the floral notes. Dry and slightly tart finish. Both are available in 6- and 12-packs as well as in Spring Variety Mix 12-packs. Suggested retail is $17.99 for the 12-packs. AVAILABLE FROM Burke Distributing, Commercial Distributing and Merrimack Valley Distributing.