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Well, it’s certainly tastier than an apple a day! A recent Harvard study has found that a glass of red wine a day keeps the doctor away. Those who enjoy a libation, but not too much, are less likely to be admitted to hospital than teetotalers. The study looked at 2 1,OOO men and women in Italy and found that for moderate drinkers, when mixed with a typically Mediterranean diet, a small glass of wine (125ml) a day lowered the chance of needing medical treatment compared with heavier drinkers or those that abstain. Over six years, there were 13,OOO hospital admissions for those taking part, who had an average age of 56. Those who never drank alcohol were 11 percent more likely to find themselves hospitalized than the glass-a-day club. Numerous previous studies have suggested red wine, in moderation, can be good for your heart, containing compounds that lower heart disease. Dr. Ken Mukamal, of the Harvard Medical School, issued the standard cautionary statement saying: “We are absolutely not saying that any teetotaler should start drinking to improve his/her health.” The study was published in the journal ADDICTION.