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MassPack Partners with Intellicheck on Age ID

Intellicheck, which specializes in identification authentication solutions, announced a partnership with the Massachusetts Package Stores Association to make Age ID available to its hundreds of members throughout the state. Age ID authenticates driver licenses and other forms of identification to prevent the use of altered and fake IDs when making age restricted product purchases.


Massachusetts Package Stores Association Executive Director and General Counsel Robert Mellion said fraudulent IDs are a serious problem. “The risks associated with fake IDs are about far more than legal and regulatory compliance. Our members are residents and neighbors in hundreds of communities across the state of Massachusetts. This is about the safety of our family and friends, too. Preventing underage access to alcoholic beverages has become extremely challenging because of the high-tech fake IDs that young people can so easily purchase. Our partnership with Intellicheck means we are providing our members with the ability to take advantage of the industry leading technology that will instantly and inexpensively catch these fake IDs and demonstrates just how seriously we take our responsibilities,” he said.

The Massachusetts Package Stores Association represents the interests of family and independently-owned alcoholic beverage retailers across Massachusetts. The Association’s mission is to provide services to its members that are not available to them as individuals and to use the collective strength of its membership to address their issues and needs.

Intellicheck President and CEO Bryan Lewis said the company’s state-of-the-art technology will have an enormous impact. “Age ID has made a demonstrable difference in preventing underage access to alcoholic beverages and other age restricted products including e-cigarettes, tobacco and cannabis for retailers nationwide. Our technology solutions’ track record speaks volumes about what members of the Massachusetts Package Stores Association will now be able to experience. With a 99.99% accuracy rate in catching fake and altered IDs, we are confident that our partnership will make an important contribution to the safety of the communities these member businesses serve and will provide them with an important tool in meeting their regulatory and legal requirements. We welcome the Massachusetts Package Stores Association to our extensive group of partners who include hundreds of businesses, law enforcement and compliance agencies across the country.”

Age ID authenticates IDs and verifies age information in real-time. Simple to adopt and deploy, Age ID is easily implemented on mobile devices including smartphones and tablets and can be integrated with point-of-sale solutions. The cutting-edge technology solution draws on a comprehensive, proprietary database, updated on an ongoing basis, to ensure information is timely and accurate.