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THE AOC CHAMPAGNE takes its name seriously.  Very seriously.  The famed region is notorious for taking quick legal action against companies that misuse the word.  So it comes as a surprise that after a 5-year legal battle, the European Union’s top court recently ruled in favor of a product called “Champagne Sorbet” saying that if it really tastes like Champagne, it can be called that.  France’s highly protective CIPV committee of Champagne producers had sought a ban on the German Aldi chain selling “Champagne Sorbet” in its supermarkets but the European Court of Justice ruled against them.  Even though the court left the ultimate decision to a German court, it did say that the name could be used if the sorbet “has, as one of its essential characteristics, a taste attributable primarily to Champagne.” Aldi’s Champagne Sorbet contains 12 percent Champagne.  The court said that the quantity of the bubbly itself “is a significant but not, in itself, sufficient factor”.  Ironically, Aldi stopped selling the sorbet sometime during the last five years but the case continued.  Perhaps a re-launch is in the near future.