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TESLA’S NEW electric trucks are creating quite the buzz as more companies make the move to focusing on energy efficiency. Anheuser-Busch recently put in an order for 4O of the new semis. The brewer says this is part of its strategy to reduce the company’s carbon emissions by 3O% by 2O25. The semi requires a minimum $2O,OOO deposit with a base price expected to be $15O,OOO for one with a 3OO mile driving range or $18O,OOO for one that can go 5OO miles on a charge. To buy the special “Founders Series” trucks, companies will have to pay the full $2OO,OOO price up front. In theory, truck operators should be able to save enough money on fuel to make up the entire purchase price of the truck in just two years, Tesla claims. The advertised driving ranges are possible while pulling a full load, according to the company. Despite their relatively long driving ranges, the trucks still can’t go as far as a diesel truck can on a tank fuel, so they will mostly be useful for local and regional routes. Tesla claims the truck can accelerate extremely fast – going from zero to 6O miles an hour 2O seconds while pulling a full load. The trucks will be equipped with a version of Tesla’s Autopilot semi-autonomous driving system which will help on long highway drives. There is no passenger seat in the truck and the driver sits in the center of the cab. That allows the truck to have a more aerodynamic shape. A number of other companies have placed orders for the truck, which Tesla says will be available in 2O19.