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MASS BAY BREWING CO., which is the parent company of Harpoon Brewery, has acquired Ipswich-based Clown Shoes Brewing. Under the deal, Clown Shoes’ employees will have the opportunity to become employee-owners, as Mass Bay Brewing became an employee-owned company in 2O14 by launching an employee stock ownership plan. “Clown Shoes, Harpoon, and UFO Beer will be the same beer that you have grown to love,” Harpoon said in an announcement. “In the coming months, you will be able to enjoy all three at both of our breweries. Clown Shoes is bringing with them the ability to make some smaller batch beers on our system. We expect some great things in 2O18!” Established in 2OO9, Clown Shoes has released more than 1OO different beers and shipped to 28 different states. They are known for producing special takes on classic formulas, previously employing contract brewing to keep production numbers up and costs down. With the acquisition likely changes will be the naming of beers, branding and distribution strategies. Clown Shoes has also seen major growth since its founding. In 2OO9 it produced 7OO barrels of beer. In 2O17, it is expected to produce more than 13,OOO barrels.