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Sean Barry started working at Four Seasons Wine & Liquor in 1992 as a part-time clerk.   He purchased the store in 2OO2 after rising through the ranks to Manager and working there for 1O years.   Sean has been actively involved with the Massachusetts Package Store Association since 2OO6 and is the current President.   He was an active participant in the 2OO6 ballot campaign against wine in grocery stores and the 2O1O ballot campaign to eliminate the new sales tax on alcohol.   As a member of the Campus Community Coalition, Sean works with area liquor retailers, law enforcement and Campus and Community leaders to help develop strategies and policies to ensure the safety of students and area residents.   Sean and his family are very involved in their community – raising awareness and funds for the Hadley Council on Ageing and the Western Massachusetts Fragile X Foundation by sponsoring and organizing annual wine tastings as well as a 5k run/walk that supports the local schools.   Sean is also an ardent supporter of the Western Massachusetts Food Bank.   Every November he participates in ‘Monte’s March for Hunger’.   Along with Congressman Jim McGovern, he and many others walk 43 miles from Springfield to Greenfield over the course of 2 days during which they visit various shelters, soup kitchens and survival centers that rely on the Food Bank.   Last year’s March raised $2OO,OOO.   “I am excited to see what the next 25 years has in store for me, Four Seasons Wine & Liquor and our industry,” said Sean.

Four Seasons Wine & Liquor, Hadley, Massachusetts

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