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WINE IS GOOD and cheese is good but a wine and cheese shooter? Somehow that seems not so good. In late December PopSugar Food created a video showing how to make wine and cheese shots. It’s both fascinating and repellant at the same time. They’re made by melting cheese into shot glass molds, chilling until set, then using those hollow cheese shells as a receptacle from which to drink red wine. Unfortunately, the video seems to use a Cheez whiz-like substance for the mold. Response has been extreme, to say the least, with many weighing in on social media to denounce the travesty of these “shooters”ù. But for all the haters, there appear to be many who are intrigued with the idea and taking it one step further in a more gourmet manner. Who says they can’t be made with Gruyere or a nice Cheddar and sipped not chugged? They sound kind of interesting now, don’t they? Well maybe not so much.