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It may seem like a great way to make extra money, particularly in this economy, but the business of liquor delivery could end up costing a store much more than it’s worth. Not surprisingly, minors frequently attempt to order liquor for delivery. What is surprising is how often they seem to get away with it. WBZ-TV recently reported on the issue. Chief Correspondent Joe Shortsleeve went along one night as state and local agents laid a trap for two liquors stores just outside of Boston. A 17-year-old who was working with police placed an order for delivery for three 3O-packs of beer and a bottle of whiskey. A half hour later the delivery driver arrived at the destination and handed over the liquor, without asking for an ID – from a 17-year-old! With cameras rolling, police and ABCC agents moved in. Although the driver claimed this had never happened before, police said they watched him do the same thing at same address the week prior. The liquor store was charged criminally with delivering alcohol to a minor, and that store was not alone. Another store down the street committed the same infractions at the same address. While it’s obvious that some stores are far more lackadaisical about IDs than others, this should nonetheless serve as a wake up. So much can be lost with a single delivery. And with the prom season upon us, it’s likely that minors will be calling and agents will be watching.