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M.S. Walker Named U.S. Importer For Iconic Islay Mist Blended Scotch

M.S. Walker has been named the exclusive U.S. importer of Islay Mist, the original peated blended Scotch whisky. The initial product offering, Islay Mist 8-Year, is a unique blend of whisky distilled at the famed Laphroaig Distillery that is blended with exceptional Speyside malt. Aged in Bourbon Casks for 8 years, the result is a smooth smoky peat flavor profile.

Islay Mist was created on the Scottish island of Islay in in the 1920’s to celebrate the 21st birthday of Lord Margadale. To this day, the whisky is the world’s only blended Scotch permitted to use the word “Islay” in its name, which is fitting given the fact that Islay is an integral part of the DNA of the whisky and the brand.

The blend combines bold, peaty flavors expected of Islay whiskies with more gentle, seductive tones common of Speyside malts. Islay Mist 8-Year offers aromas of sea air, peat, and light smoke. On the palate, the whisky delivers wispy peat smoke infused with citrus fruits, cinnamon, honey and lingering hints of salt with layers of smoke on the finish.

“This unique blended Scotch with a deep history on the island of Islay is being offered in a new custom craft bottle and label that truly compliments and captures the essence of the high-quality blend of Islay Scotch from the Laphroaig Distillery and Speyside malts,” says Gary Shaw, Executive Vice President of M.S. Walker. “Islay Mist is a tremendous addition to our imported portfolio of brands, and we are excited for the U.S. consumers to be able to experience this exceptional and unique style of Whisky.

Islay Mist 8-Year-Old is currently rolling out nationwide with an SRP of $25.99