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The times they are a changin’. After a long battle, Sunday sales of alcohol will finally become a reality in Connecticut. House Bill 5O21, bipartisan compromise legislation, allows for alcohol sales on Sunday and certain holidays; the ability for retailers to own three liquor licenses instead of two; and a task force to study other necessary liquor law reforms. Also under the bill, the state’s package stores will be allowed to sell some new products, including fresh fruits used to prepare mixed drinks, cheese and crackers. Olives are specifically listed in the bill as something the stores can sell. There was disagreement about whether olives are a fruit or vegetable. Lawmakers did not, however, agree to allow liquor stores to sell snack foods, such as candy, chips and nuts as convenience store owners raised concerns that they would be financially harmed by the competition. The bill passed the full House April 26 by a 116-27 vote and the full Senate on May 1 by a 28-6 tally. Upon Governor Malloy’s signing of the bill, it will become effective for Sunday sales, and effective July 1 for all other measures. Since the Governor is the one who initiated the bill there’s little chance the passage will be held up.