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A NEW STUDY by Agavero and Ipsos Public Affairs claims Americans still have a negative view of Tequila after surveying 12OO men and women spirit drinkers.  38% said that they’ve had a bad experience when drinking tequila and nearly 1O% said they don’t drink tequila anymore because of the unpleasant incident.  Moreover, only 7% of spirit drinkers felt tequila was a sophisticated or sipping spirit.  When asked how they most often drank tequila, 51% said they exclusively drink tequila in margaritas, only 1O% drink a mixed cocktail with tequila and 4% sip tequila straight with lime.  In addition, 18% says they most often drink tequila by doing shots.  Approximately 16% of all spirit drinkers surveyed said that they make an ‘I’m never drinking tequila again’ face when they merely hear the word tequila. Only 12% of all spirit drinkers polled said tequila was their favorite drink.  In addition, only 4% of tequila drinkers felt that tequila is a drink that meets their sophisticated palate.  However, 82% said they would be willing to try tequila again if offered.  When choosing a tequila, 72% of tequila drinkers said a smooth taste is their deciding factor.
Agavero tequila is imported and marketed in the US by Crillon Importers.