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ROBERT PROBST has been appointed as Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer.  He will take the leading role in developing financial strategy and will ensure that systems and financial controls effectively support Beam Global and its aggressive growth trajectory.  Probst was with Diageo for eight years in a series of significant leadership roles.
Also announced were appointments of Beam Global US sales leadership executive team.  Following the announcement regarding the exit of Absolut Spirits from the Future Brands joint venture, Beam Global now goes to market with its own dedicated US sales force. The following executives are in place to lead newly formed Business Units: MATT METZ, Vice President for the Central Business Unit, STEVE BJELDANES, Vice President for the Control States Business Unit, TONY TRUZZOLINO, Vice President of the Eastern Business Unit, PRYCE GREENOW, Vice President of the Western Business Unit and TIM CONDRON, Group Vice President of National Accounts and Sales Strategy.